3 Habits to Help Improve Your Sleep

3 habits to improve your sleep

Unable to fall asleep or get a good night’s rest? Check out our 3 habits to help improve your sleep.

We often think of sleep as more of an indulgent aspect of our day instead of a time of crucial function for our bodies. Taking the time to get the rest our body needs is important for our heart, brain, and hormones. Bad habits can contribute to poor quality of sleep and can cause us to wake up during the night.

Certain supplements may aid in improving sleep, but lifestyle changes can really make the biggest difference. Consider reevaluating your sleeping routine and adding these 3 habits to improve your sleep.

1. Create a Schedule

We put time and effort into our other daily routines, so why not put that same effort into our quality of sleep? Set a time to go to sleep every night and try to stick to it.

The goal is to adapt your body’s clock to this set schedule so that we naturally feel tired at the same time every evening. Further, do the same with the time you wake up. Set a complete routine to naturally guide your body to be ready for rest and to wake up. If possible, try to use exposure to a regular pattern of light to help guide your mind to stick to this schedule.

2. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol After Certain Times

Be mindful of the quantity of caffeine you consume and how late into the day you consume it. There are many guides that suggest there are certain times of the day that you should have your last cup of coffee by, but everybody is different — so what works for someone else may not be the same for you.

If you choose to consume caffeine, we suggest taking note of the days when you have trouble sleeping and to compare your caffeine intake for the day. How many cups of coffee did you have? When was your last cup? Being mindful of habits like these can help us determine our limits and what we can do to improve our sleep.

The same sort of idea goes for alcohol. Oftentimes, people use a glass of wine to wind down at the end of the day, but consuming alcohol too close to bedtime can actually impact our quality of sleep. Alcohol has been known to disrupt our sleep patterns which may cause interrupted sleep in the middle of the night.

3. Put Down Your Cell Phone

Studies have shown that the light emitted by our cell phone can also disrupt our sleep schedule. There is a blue light emitted by our electronic devices that mimics the kind of light we “see” during daylight hours. While helpful during the day, the alertness it provides can be harmful to sleep schedules.

As we previously mentioned, exposure to a regular pattern of light can influence our ability to fall asleep, and further, the blue light from our phones actually suppresses melatonin secretion for longer periods than other types of light. It can be incredibly tempting to stay on our phones while winding down, but it may be causing more harm to our sleep schedule than we realize.

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Hopefully, these 3 habits help improve your sleep. We believe in beneficial changes to promote an overall healthier lifestyle, so something as crucial as sleep can require multiple changes and sometimes there is no quick fix for general wellness. But for a little extra help on top of our sleep habit suggestions, we offer CBD nanogels with melatonin.

We hope that these tips help and you are able to get the restful sleep you deserve. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below. Have a question about any of our products? Feel free to send us a message.

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