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Viridipharm About Us

We believe that small plants can make a big difference.

Viridipharm’s mission has always been simple: to harmonize cutting-edge science with natural ingredients.

We believe that CBD is a gift from nature, so we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the integrity of the plant remains intact to help as many people as possible.

To do this, we only offer high-quality CBD in all of our pharmacist-formulated products with the third-party lab reports to back it up.

The story of our organic hemp begins on farms in the USA.

From there, we utilize only clean extraction technology with no harsh solvents.

Each batch of product is then tested at a third-party lab for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, microbial, potency, terpenes, and more.

Our high standards have allowed us to become the trusted source for CBD among many pharmacies nationwide.

The difference we have made in our customer’s lives drives us. The personal stories we have heard compel us to continue innovating and growing into the best possible company we can be.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Viridipharm: From Hemp to Health

Viridipharm About Us - Viridipharm From Hemp to Health

Who We Are

Our team is deeply rooted in the healthcare space with pervasive knowledge of the pharmacy and medical system.

The surge of unsubstantiated CBD products on the market today doesn’t sit well with us.

We strive to be your trusted source for news and information about CBD. We frequently post updates on the current world of CBD and always welcome questions.

Similar to the ever-changing health industry, we will continue to innovate and work tirelessly towards developing new, quality products. It is our goal to help customers work towards health and happiness.

With pharmacy-grade experience comes pharmacy-grade products you can trust.

Where We Are Located

Viridipharm’s headquarters is located in beautiful North Jersey, but Viridipharm’s products can be found in countless stores nationwide.

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