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Watermelon CBD Tincture Viridipharm


It’s Summer Somewhere: Viridipharm’s New Watermelon CBD Tincture

It may feel like winter, but now it can taste like summer.

Elmwood Park, NJ: Today, Viridipharm, a pharmacy-focused CBD company, released a new watermelon flavor for their 1200mg CBD tincture. After about two years since the company was founded, Viridipharm’s product line has now expanded to over 25 different CBD products. By adding new flavors like watermelon to their CBD tinctures, Viridipharm hopes to have something for everyone in their line of products.

“The palatability of CBD oil is a constant challenge, especially when administering higher potencies of the oil,” said Dave Metzger, PharmD, the chief clinical officer of Viridipharm. “Peppermint is the most popular flavor due to its ability to mask harsh tastes, but some people find peppermint overpowering. Watermelon flavoring makes the delivery of CBD oil simple due to the incredible taste profile and a pleasant scent. No seeds, of course!”

About the New Watermelon Tincture

A summer flavor release in winter? Short answer: yes. Viridipharm decided to pair watermelon with their 1200mg broad-spectrum tincture to bring back memories of warmer times.

  • Each tincture features organically grown hemp and organic coconut oil.
  • Some people have an aversion to the “earthy” taste of CBD, which can become more apparent in higher concentrations. Stronger flavors, like watermelon, can help cover up this earthy flavor allowing for a more pleasant experience.
  • All of Viridipharm’s CBD is also manufactured in the USA and has undetectable levels of THC.
  • Each product is backed by third-party lab reports to ensure a high-quality product.

About Viridipharm

Viridipharm is a CBD company deeply rooted in the healthcare space with pervasive knowledge of the pharmacy and medical system. Similar to the ever-changing health industry, Viridipharm continues to innovate and work tirelessly towards developing new, quality products. Viridipharm’s headquarters is located in beautiful North Jersey, but Viridipharm’s products can be found in countless stores nationwide. Join the social conversation on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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