brume. – Cutting Edge Vape Unit

$80.00 $50.00


brume. – Cutting Edge Vape Unit

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$80.00 $50.00




About brume.

Each single-use CBD vape comes in a sleek, black pod with a CBD cartridge already installed for your convenience. They are breath-activated and set to 3.7v for optimal CBD delivery.

Our CBD vapes also feature high-quality, non-decarboxylated oil with no cutting agents or additives. Compact and durable, each vape is fitted with a ceramic coil and 350mAh battery.


  • No Cutting Agents or Additives
  • Organic CBD
  • Made in the USA
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • Third-Party Lab Reports
  • 225mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD


Ingredients: Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD, CBG, CBDV, Terpene Preserved Blend*).


*plant genetics may vary by batch

3 reviews for brume. – Cutting Edge Vape Unit

  1. Marco Ruesta (verified owner)

    Hands down my favorite and go-to for everything. Huge stress relief and helps with anxiety. I will be adding this to my items I cannot leave home without.

  2. Andrew Gangi

    I recently started smoking BRUME and there is no other CBD Vape I will be smoking! This is a must have product for so many reasons. Thank you Virdipharm =)

  3. eleanf

    This CBD method is new for me. I previously used the CBD gummies, now that they are out of stock, the vape was recommended by Raphael. It is an easy and quick method to help relieve both my pain and anxiety. Happy to add it to my regimen.

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