Why is CBD so Popular Among Seniors?

why is cbd so popular among seniors

Why is CBD so popular among seniors?

As CBD has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, seniors are among those with a growing interest in CBD. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, more people have access to CBD and seniors are seeking out new options.

A recent study by Remedy Review showcases what some seniors really think about CBD and how it has affected their lives. There were 1,047 seniors that took part in this study and were all at least 54 years old.

Just 9% of the seniors from the study used CBD for health-related reasons, while 51% of the seniors reported improved quality of life after trying CBD. The preferred method to take CBD was via CBD oil drops directly into the mouth at 54.4%, while CBD oil drops mixed with drinks and CBD-infused food tied for second place at 21.1%. The following preferred methods were capsules at 15.6% and vapor or smoke coming in last at 10%.

When asked about prescription medications, 26% of seniors believed they consumed too many prescription medications daily and a whopping 89% of them said they would recommend CBD to their family or friends for health-related reasons.

Overall, 78% of seniors concluded that they were satisfied with CBD, and “over 65% of the seniors who tried CBD said their quality of life was good, whereas just 31.1% said the same before trying CBD” (

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    what are the CBD drops for? pain, stress etc

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