2020 CBD Holiday Gift Guide – CBD Gift Ideas

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Stuck this holiday season? Our CBD Holiday Gift Guide is filled with CBD Gift Ideas.

Let’s be real. There are so many CBD products on the market today. From CBD toothpicks (yes, really) to your average tincture, we’ve seen it all.

So if you’re looking to give your loved ones the gift of CBD this season, the options may seem overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve compiled a CBD holiday gift guide below with all our best CBD gift ideas. Whether mom is a CBD enthusiast or grandpa keeps hearing about it and wants to give it a try, we’ve got some CBD gift ideas to make your life easier.

1. Festive Flavored CBD Tinctures

the best CBD tincture Viridipharm CBD

This item on our list may seem obvious, but have you seen the number of different flavored CBD tinctures available today? Companies have concocted new options to spice up (or sweeten) CBD.

Mint chocolate is a popular option, but there are also cotton candy and natural-flavored tinctures.

If your loved one always buys the same flavor, a new one may be fun for them to try.

Our 10 mg CBD tincture comes in mint chocolate, cotton candy, or natural, while our 20 mg CBD tincture currently comes in every flavor option we have. Instead of a box of chocolates this year, why not chocolate-flavored CBD?

2. Give the Gift of CBD Salve

CBD Salve Balm 1500 mg 500 mg 250 mg of CBD Viridipharm Topical CBD

Our 1500 mg salve is the perfect gift for the active people in your life. Whether they’re up and running every day at 5 am, or biking 15 miles a day, this salve may help them out. 

Our salves come in twist-up containers for easy application. Just pop off the lid, twist-up, and apply directly to problem areas. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 gift, this may be it as our salves feel great massaged into sore muscles.

If the person you’re looking for has never tried CBD, a salve can be a great option. You don’t have to commit to any new flavors, and they get to benefit from soothing scents of lavender and eucalyptus.

3. CBD for Self-Care

CBD Lip Balm 50 mg of CBD Viridipharm

CBD toothpicks. Just throw them in a stocking and be done with it. (Kidding, of course.)

Many CBD products can be looked at as self-care. The act of taking the time to apply a salve is essential; it’s the notion of merely taking the time to do something for yourself.

Luckily, our lip balms and face masks provide just that. Our face masks are saturated with supporting extracts from flowers, black licorice, and rosemary. The CBD they contain is not just oil either. It is nano-emulsified CBD, meaning it is water-soluble for optimal absorption.

You have to try it to believe it. (Editor note: Even I was skeptical at first. But about 30 minutes after I used it, I noticed my skin was glowing like I had done a 45-minute spin class earlier in the day.)

Our CBD lip balms can be purchased individually by flavor or as a 4-pack. Each balm offers 50mg of CBD and comes in either watermelon, vanilla, chocolate, or tropical. For those people in your life with super chapped lips, the gift of CBD lip balm is a subtle way of saying: hey, you need some help — but I got you.

4. Make it Simple: CBD Nanogels

CBD Soft gels the best CBD soft gels 25 mg of CBD Viridipharm

While we do have nanogels in a variety of options and potencies, our 25 mg CBD nanogels are a great gift idea for someone who has never tried this CBD delivery method before.

Likewise, if the person you’re looking for is sensitive to flavors or scents, CBD nanogels are free of both. Like the CBD face masks, our nanogels include nano-emulsified CBD. Each container has 30 nanogels per bottle, and every curcumin nanogel contains 25 mg of CBD.

If curcumin isn’t your thing, our nanogels also come in melatonin and regular.

5. Great for Stockings: CBD Gumdrops

CBD gummies the best CBD gummies 10 mg

A perfect stocking stuffer, our CBD gumdrops contain 150mg of CBD. A fun, fruit-flavored option for CBD delivery, our gumdrops are infused with CBD. Many other CBD gummies have a mere coating on the outside, while ours contain CBD goodness throughout.

Each container has 15 gumdrops, and each drop contains 10mg of CBD.

Hopefully, our CBD holiday gift guide is the answer to your CBD prayers. When in doubt, keep it simple and go for something you know they’re going to like.

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If you have questions about the products mentioned or any of our other CBD products, please feel free to send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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