Can CBD Oil Expire?

Can CBD Oil Expire

Can CBD Oil Expire?

The short answer is yes. However, if you’ve added CBD to your daily regimen, chances are you’ll use up your CBD oil before it expires. But if you happened to come across a half-used bottle of CBD you previously misplaced there is a way to determine if it has expired.

Storing Your CBD

The life of your CBD oil can be prolonged depending on how it is stored. Exposure to direct sunlight as well as extreme temperatures — hot or cold — can reduce the life of your CBD oil. The ideal location to store your CBD is in a cool, dark and dry place to protect it from the elements.

Some people opt to store it in the refrigerator. We do not necessarily recommend this, as the colder temperatures can change the consistency of your oil and some parts of the fridge can be colder than others. You know how sometimes you leave food items towards the back of the fridge and they freeze from time to time? This could be less than ideal for your CBD oil.

What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

The general rule of thumb for the expiration of CBD oil is about 2 years, but this number greatly depends on the type of CBD product. As we previously mentioned, shelf life also has a lot to do with how it’s stored. Other factors that can contribute to a reduced shelf life is if the seal on the product has been broken and if the product has been introduced to any bacteria. When using the tincture, for example, we recommend not touching it to any parts of your mouth to prevent unwanted bacteria.

What Are Signs that CBD Oil Has Expired?

When some foods go bad they are visibly different; sporting new mold growth, or a change in consistency. But expired CBD oil will not necessarily showcase any glaring, obvious changes as it mainly just degrades over time. When this happens, the cannabinoids in the CBD can be less effective. Visibly, sometimes the oil will appear a bit more cloudy, or there will be a change in the way it smells. If it has been some time since you purchased the CBD oil and it has these noticeable changes then it is probably best to refrain from consuming it. 

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