How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

High quality CBD oil in dropper

How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil:

As CBD continues to gain popularity, consumers must be wary of CBD companies that fail to have a high-quality standard for their products. From the manufacturing process to extraction and batch testing, strict guidelines should be followed to ensure a high-quality end product. A precursor to identifying high-quality CBD oil is making sure that you’re purchasing hemp extract that actually contains CBD, as some labels are misleading and are merely hemp seed extract. To clarify, a product will not contain CBD if its solely hemp seed extract as CBD and other phytocannabinoids are not found in the seeds alone.

Here are our top ways to identify high-quality CBD oil:

1. Check the source of the CBD oil and where it is grown.

When heavy metals are present, hemp has been known to absorb them from the soil. High-quality hemp will be grown in areas without contamination, so try to find hemp that is solely sourced within the US. This will help, as local farmers are required to get certified by state departments of agriculture. Subsequently, all of Viridipharm’s CBD is manufactured in the USA.

2. Verify the extraction process.

High-quality CBD oil is made via CO2 extraction. The CO2 process involves high pressure and extremely low temperatures. This, in turn, isolates the product and maintains purity. Other processes can include elements that are unsafe for humans and the environment. Viridipharm ensures high-quality CBD through a patented CO2 process.

3. Ensure that the company batch tests its CBD oil.

Further, batch testing is extremely important when it comes to high-quality CBD oil. It can confirm or deny every claim a company makes. From the amount of CBD present to any possible contaminants, the quality of the CBD oil is unveiled in batch tests. Third-party testing can take it a step further, as independent testing labs should have no affiliation to the company. Third-Party lab reports are available to all of Viridipharm’s products and can be found here.

4. Check for the amount of THC present in the CBD oil.

In addition, high-quality CBD oil will often contain low amounts of THC. CBD oil with high amounts of THC may be indicative of an error. This could be an issue with the extraction and manufacturing process. In order for a product to be considered “non-THC,” it has to contain less than 0.3% THC. High-quality CBD oils should not produce a “high” as CBD is non-psychoactive. Consequently, all of Viridipharm’s CBD is broad-spectrum and contains zero THC.

5. See if the CBD oil is broad-spectrum or just an isolate.

CBD isolate can be cheaper for companies to purchase but causes the consumer to miss out on a range of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. It is believed that multiple components in the hemp plant work synergistically alongside CBD, so broad-spectrum CBD should be considered when researching high-quality CBD.

In conclusion, don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of CBD products out there by following our guide to ensure that you’re getting the best product. High-quality CBD has many helpful benefits for wellness, so be sure to verify the origin and extraction by third-party batch testing to escape harmful toxins and chemicals. Moreover, zero THC broad-spectrum oil can help guarantee that you are purchasing high-quality CBD oil. If you ever have a question about Viridipharm’s CBD, feel free to send us a message.

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