How to Identify High-Quality CBD Vapes

how to identify high-quality vapes

CBD vape products have flooded the market — both good and bad. Here are our top five tips for identifying high-quality CBD vapes.

1. What is the Quality of the CBD?

The first thing to consider is the quality of CBD used inside the vape. Since CBD is the majority of what makes up the vapor, you want to ensure that you’re getting high- quality CBD.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD oil can be an indicator of a high-quality product because it means the company has determined which cannabinoids they want to present and which ones they’ve chosen to omit. For example, our CBD oil is always broad-spectrum because we have decided to remove THC (the current legal limit for THC in CBD oil is 0.3%, but all of our products contain zero THC).

It should be noted that broad-spectrum oil is not always a sign that a company has high-quality products. However, if the product contains zero THC backed by third-party lab reports, there is no chance you’re exceeding federal limits.


Another aspect to consider is if the CBD oil is organic. Again, since CBD makes up the vapor, you want to verify that you’re not ingesting harmful, unnecessary chemicals. High-quality products start with high-quality ingredients.

Made in the USA

Is the CBD made in the USA? High-quality hemp is grown in areas without contamination, so it is crucial to find hemp solely sourced within the US. Local farmers are required to get certified by state departments of agriculture, so the hemp is more likely to be coming from a credible source.

2. Are There Any Cutting Agents or Additives?

Low-quality vape products will feature cutting agents and harmful additives. Try to avoid these substances as they can be extremely damaging to your health. Even substances that are known to be safe when administered topically may be dangerous to ingest as a vapor.

3. What Are the Ingredients?

Along with CBD, check out the ingredients list to determine if there are any nonessential ingredients. Again, these things are what will make up the vapor, so you want to guarantee that there are no harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

4. Does the Seller Offer Third-Party Lab Reports? What Are They Testing?

Third-party lab reports are a massive indication of not only high-quality CBD oil but also high-quality vapes.

Why Third-Party Lab Reports Are Important

The third-party aspect is vital as independent testing labs should have no affiliation to the company; all of the results should be accurate as internal factors within the company have not persuaded the outcome.

What Should the Third-Party Lab Reports Test For

Third-party lab reports should show a range of data. Some essential tests are:

• Residuals

• Metals 

• Microbials 

• Terpenes 

• Cannabinoids 

• Potency

Residuals, Metals, and Microbials

The residuals and metals will provide insight on any existing contaminates. If residuals are present, it could be a sign that materials used in the CBD extraction process have made their way into the final product. If the lab report shows the presence of heavy metals, it could be evidence that the hemp was grown in a contaminated area.

Microbials are bacteria and are considered contamination. There should not be any microbials in your CBD.

Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and Potency

The terpenes, cannabinoids, and potency testing within a third-party lab report all refer to the quality of the CBD oil.

Terpenes are what give plants their fragrance and are in the essential oils of plants. Likewise, cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found within the hemp plant. One of the cannabinoids you probably have heard of is CBD, but there are 80+ other cannabinoids found in hemp.

By testing for the terpenes and cannabinoids, we know exactly what is in the CBD and how much is present. The potency of a third-party lab report will show if the company is both accurate and transparent with regard to the amount of existing CBD. You can also verify the amount of THC through these tests. Whether or not you go with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, you want to ensure that the company’s claims match their lab reports.

5. Product Specifications to Look For

Some of the product specifications for CBD vapes can be solely personal preference. Depending on what your needs are, certain products may be better than others. There are multiple features to consider when choosing a CBD vape product including single-use vs multi-use, battery capacity, tank capacity, and temperature capabilities.

Single-use vapes usually come pre-filled and ready to go; no assembly required. If you’re looking for a no-hassle vape, then a single-use vape is the way to go.

The battery capacity should be high enough to power the device in order to finish out the entire cartridge inside. Cheap vapes could die with CBD still inside the tank, meaning valuable product would go to waste. The battery capacity for our CBD vape is 250mAh, allowing for more than enough power to finish out the product.

Further, the tank capacity for the CBD vape controls how much oil will fit inside. A small amount of existing CBD is either from a diluted product or a small tank inside the vape. A good-sized tank capacity is approximately 0.5mL.

Lastly, the temperature capabilities for a vape determine how hot the inside coil gets to burn the oil. High-quality vapes can adjust the temperature dynamically in order to give the best draw. This essentially means the temperature of the coil is not consistent, it changes in order to avoid burning the oil. The benefit of having temperature capabilities like this is you’re getting the best draw of oil with each inhale.


With all of the products on the market, be wary of low-quality vapes that can be extremely harmful. First and foremost, it is crucial always to choose products from a trusted seller. However, also keep these tips in mind to be sure you are purchasing a high-quality CBD vape.

If you have any questions about our CBD or CBD vapes feel free to send us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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