The FDA Holds Hearing For CBD

The FDA Holds Hearing For CBD

On May 31, 2019, the FDA held its first hearing on CBD. Over a hundred people testified in front of the FDA, with many pushing for regulatory standards that would legally allow companies to add CBD to different food products and dietary supplements.

Speakers were on both sides, with many praising CBD while others raised some concerns. The FDA listened to proponents who presented the potential benefits and requested data for positive claims.

The FDA Honed in Dosage

The FDA wanted to know how companies determine their recommendations since people use CBD for a variety of reasons. Further, the FDA questioned the fact that the same dosage recommendations are given to a multitude of people with different needs.

CBD Quality Standards

Quality came into question, with opponents arguing a current lack of a quality standard for products. Michelle Peace, an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, voiced her concern on this matter: “This unregulated industry with high public demand and no requirements and oversight for quality that is skirting the edge of legality has ample room for nefarious activity”.

The Deputy Commissioner’s Statement

Dr. Amy Abernethy, deputy commissioner, and CIO at the FDA sent out multiple tweets following the hearing summarizing what was presented.

In one she writes,

“Systematic studies are needed. It sounds like a number of studies are available or underway. We also wonder if real-world evidence derived from electronic health records, personal monitors, administrative data, etc, can be used to address critical questions in this space.”

Further, she ended the tweet thread:

“I suspect that the public docket will expand our understanding, add new information, and reinforce observations today. We will work as quickly as possible to define a way forward. Appreciate a speaker’s observation: ‘You guys have a tough job. Good luck with that.’ Indeed.”

Viridipharm’s View on the Hearing

Viridipharm applauds the FDA’s interest in CBD and hopes that some basic guidelines will be implemented. The lack of regulation can allow low-quality CBD companies to operate and even spread misinformation.

What do you think about the meeting? What changes do you hope to see? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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