Watermelon Tincture Press Release

Watermelon CBD Tincture Viridipharm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 12/23/19 It’s Summer Somewhere: Viridipharm’s New Watermelon CBD Tincture It may feel like winter, but now it can taste like summer. Elmwood Park, NJ: Today, Viridipharm, a pharmacy-focused CBD company, released a new watermelon flavor for their 1200mg CBD tincture. After about two years since the company was founded, Viridipharm’s product line […]

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Broad-Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate

Broad-Spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate Viridipharm

Broad-spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate — what’s the difference? Broad-Spectrum CBD Broad-spectrum CBD contains almost all of the different components of the hemp plant; most of the cannabinoids, and all of the terpenes and flavonoids. Our CBD is considered broad-spectrum because it contains all of the naturally occurring components aside from THC. CBD Isolate CBD […]

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