Brume: Viridipharm’s New CBD Vape Press Release

CBD Vape brume by Viridipharm


Viridipharm Releases New CBD Vape; Is There Still a Market for Alternatives?

The CDC reports the number of hospitalizations has steadily declined since the vape health scares in late 2019. 

Elmwood Park, NJ: As brume, Viridipharm’s new CBD vape goes on sale today, many questionable vapes remain on the market. After health scares regarding vape use began to rise around August and peaked in September of 2019, the CDC has recently released a report stating that the number of patients hospitalized has decreased. The culprit for these hospitalizations is believed to be vitamin E acetate in both THC-containing and nicotine-containing vape products. 

With all the negative press regarding low-quality vape products, higher quality products will inevitably get looped in. However, Viridipharm has taken multiple precautionary measures to bring a superior vape to the market. 

Enter brume, Viridipharm’s CBD Vape

Quality doesn’t only start with using the best ingredients; it means leaving out nonessential ones that may do more harm than good.

  • Our hemp is grown organically and made in the USA.
  • All of our CBD is broad-spectrum and features an array of cannabinoids and terpenes — but zero THC.
  • Our vapes contain no cutting agents and additives.
  • We don’t just claim to have high-quality CBD, we have the third-party labs to prove it. Each CBD vape has been batch tested, and the lab reports are easily accessible on our website.

What does Viridipharm test? 

All of our third-party lab reports test essential aspects to ensure quality. We test for contaminates, including residuals, heavy metals, and microbial presence. Further, we test our oil for a range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and potency. By removing unnecessary ingredients, and completing vigorous testing for the CBD oil inside each vape, Viridipharm aims to offer an alternative in a questionable market. 

About Viridipharm 

Viridipharm is a CBD company deeply rooted in the healthcare space with pervasive knowledge of the pharmacy and medical community. Similar to the ever-changing health industry, Viridipharm continues to innovate and work tirelessly towards developing new, quality products. Viridipharm’s headquarters is located in beautiful North Jersey, but Viridipharm’s products can be found in countless stores nationwide. Join the social conversation on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter


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