Our Top Yoga Accounts to Follow on YouTube During The Quarantine

Here are our top three yoga accounts to follow on YouTube during the quarantine.

As we’re all doing our best to follow social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders, you may find yourself missing your regular workout classes. I, for one, never thought I’d be longing to give SoulCycle $40 for a 45-minute workout, but here we are.

We may all miss our favorite instructors that know just what to say to push our workout to the next level, or who’s playlist had all the right songs (I’m looking at you, Kaley).

I’ve found that online workouts are no different, you just have to find the best instructor for you.

In this list, I’ll provide my top three yoga accounts on YouTube I’ve been using during the quarantine. If you don’t feel overly enthusiastic about one, try out another account until you’ve found the best fit for you.

1. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with adriene top YouTube yoga account
Source: Yoga With Adriene

The first on our list is the queen of yoga on YouTube — her channel boasts over 6.93M subscribers. Her soothing guidance and occasional jokes make her classes feel easy and enjoyable. 

She’s also got a yoga series for just about everything on her channel. From “Yoga for Beginners,” to “Yoga for Back Pain,” and even “Yoga for Busy People.” 

If you’re lucky, during one of these routines, you’ll see an appearance from her adorable dog Benji. 

2. Yoga With Kassandra

Yoga with Kassandra top youtube yoga account
Source: Yoga With Kassanda

Yoga With Kassandra offers the same soothing guidance as you’ll find with Adriene. She has a ton of different yoga videos, including a “10 Minute Morning Yoga” series, if you’re still working from home and pressed for time.

If you’ve got time to spare, she even has YouTube playlists organized by video length with classes up to 45-60 minutes long. 

Many of her videos are also categorized by specific ailments, including her videos for upper back pain and stretches for tight hips. 

3. Boho Beautiful

Boho beautiful top youtube yoga account
Source: Boho Beautiful

Often filmed in gorgeous outdoor locations, Boho Beautiful’s videos offer an escape from your living room. 

Her videos are more cinematic and feature voiceovers that guide you through her routines. Outside of her yoga, she also offers pilates and other fitness videos to tone and workout from home. 

I’ve found that her workouts can be more advanced; however, you are always able to do modified versions of certain poses. 

Yoga & The Endocannabinoid System

Whether you choose one of these YouTube yoga accounts or make up your own routines at home, rest assured that you’re doing something good for both your mind and body. 

In an interview with Everyday Health, Dr. Russo, a neurologist, and cannabis researcher, writes:

“We know that meditation and yoga increase alpha rhythms [brain waves that indicate a state of wakeful rest], produce a subjective state of calm, and sometimes result in almost a blissful-like sensation,”

Further, many believe yoga may influence the Endocannabinoid System in a similar way to CBD.

“According to a review published in the December 2018 issue of Molecular Aspects of Medicine, it’s possible that mind-body practices such as yoga and tai chi boost mood by activating CB1 signals in the central nervous system.”

Everyday Health

For more information on the Endocannabinoid System, check out our article here

We hope that in this time of uncertainty, you can take some time to care for yourself. And if you are an essential worker, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your service. 

As always, if you have any questions about CBD in general or any of our products, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message. We are here to help!

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