Stripped: Our New Natural Flavor Tincture

Natural CBD Viridipharm

You asked we answered.

While offering a range of tincture flavors from mint chocolate to cotton candy, we receive the occasional request for a natural, more neutral flavor option. Whether it’s a personal preference or a negative response to a strong flavor, some people need a flavorless, natural CBD oil.

Why Natural?

Why not? People with preexisting conditions can be aggravated by flavor additives. Moreover, some people can experience heartburn from strong flavor options, and some have even reported issues with flavors due to preexisting conditions like acid reflux.

What Does Natural CBD Oil Taste Like?

Well, unfortunately, it depends on the company. Fortunately for you, Viridipharm’s natural CBD oil is very neutral. This even includes our higher potencies like the 1200mg and 2400mg.

In addition to pleasant-tasting CBD oil, all of our tinctures are made with organic coconut oil which naturally has sweet and smooth undertones. Since we do not “cut” our tinctures with cheap fillers and additives like vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, the CBD oil and the coconut oil are the only two flavors to consider.

The rest of our formula is the same CBD you know and love.

If you’ve been using our mint chocolate tincture in your daily routine, fear not — all of our great flavors are here to stay. We’re just adding a flavorless, natural option in addition to the ones you know and love.

All of our tinctures are:

  • Made with organically grown hemp 
  • Made with organic MCT oil 
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. 
  • Contain undetectable levels of THC 
  • Third-party batch tested to ensure quality

Have any questions about our new natural flavor tincture or any of our products? Feel free to send us a message! We love to hear from you.

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